Random thoughts


As the school year comes to an end I am swamped with so many things going on in my brain it’s unbelievable. Just one year ago I was a high school student getting ready for grad and preparing for my first year on my own. Now here I am nearly done my first year of student, once again in that weird transition stage waiting for my life to begin. Not that I don’t have a good life but there is something frustrating about just getting ready to start you chosen career rather than actually starting it. The program here at the U or R helps a bit with that as we do start pre-internships right in the first year, but just sitting back and observing is not that fun, especially when you’ve already taught a class before.

And beyond the end of year blues, I have so much to do before summer begins: finding a summer job, finishing up term papers and starting to study finals. Soon I’ll have to reapply for my student loan and a variety of scholarships.

The worst part has to be the summer job though, I still don’t know if I should stay in the city when almost everyone I know will be gone or if I should go home where rent will be free. Then there’s what kind of job I want, ideally I’d work at a daycare, but my first aid has expired without my realizing it so that’s out of the question unless I can get it first. So I guess I’m going retail but with the economy it is most places probably aren’t hiring right now, at least not students. Guess I’ll just have to apply everywhere and cross my fingers that someone wants to hire me.


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