“Man, I Miss Interesting”


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I decided that I better get writing. I’m in the middle of midterms and my term papers for this semester are about to be due. All the stress has me thinking back to a conversation I had with a friend a while ago. She was working on a progect for English (she’s still in highshool) and wanted my input. They were supposed to read a story and then write an interview with the main character. Somewhere in the conversation I said

Man I miss getting interesting assignmnets

She laughed at me and said it was alright. I was taught by the same teacher for a while and she was telling the truth with that teacher this wasn’t all that unusual, those assignments were always pretty good. But it made me think about how important having interesting assignments is. I put about as much work into my term papers as I did some of the assignments that I did in high school. The term papers are more important but those assignments were just so much more fun to do.

Now I don’t think every assignment we got in high school was amazingly creative but at least they were all a little bit different and allowed for some creativity instead of write in x format and have z sources and if you have 3 sentence errors you will fail. It gets a little monotonous and I only have to write 2 of them this semester.

It definately makes me think that when I teach I’l be trying to break the monotony instead of using xyz assignments all the time (hey a few of those never hurt anyone)


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