The Wonders of Being Short in a Tall Society


Alright, so I am more than happy to admit that I am short. No I do not prefer the word petite, I Am Short. Saying petite is like trying to make it sound like something fancy, it’s a fact of life it doesn’t need to be fancy. I am more than happy with my height now that I have beat my grandmothers 4″ 11″ height (in fact I am 5″ 1″).

Why do I like being short? There are lots of reasons. For one, I almost never hit my head on things (this most often would require to either fall onto something or hit it with my entire body). Also, I can wear heels pretty much whenever I want, few guys are shorter than me even with 3″ heels on (4 might be stretching it though). I’ve also discovered that people are very uncomfortable having to look down at people. I’ve learned to use that one to my advantage, the closer you get the more they have to look down, I garantee they will step back.

Of course being short comes with its disadvantages like being tall does (my brother is 6″5″ I can’t even count anymore how often he’s hit his head on a door frame). Most kitchens I can’t reach the top one or two cupboards, shelves in closets, the top of a chalkboard, etc. Most of this I can compensate for, I have become rather amazing at walking on kitchen counters and getting down glassware (kitchen sinks are a pain while doing this). I love my brothers house because there are stools everywhere for the kids to be able to reach things, I definately use these.

There is one thing I have never been able to compensate for though: My feet hardly ever touch the ground while sitting in a chair.

dangling feet by singleframe.

This irritates me more than probably anything else I know of. In high school the desks we had made it possible for me to put my feet up and avoid the dangling feet syndrom but most of the auditoriums here at the University of Regina are just free standing seats. The padded theatre seats are fine, but the hard plastic seats after about twenty minutes start cutting off circulation to below my knees. This makes focusing extremely difficult.

It made me think about how important things like that are in a classroom. The 3/4 teacher I worked with in my grade 12 year had measured all her chairs to fit each individual student. How nice that would have been. sigh. Definately it is important to learning/working. I can remember being at a job interview and the seat I was sitting in was way too high for me. I was so uncomfortable that I had a hard time focusing on the questions. I know that when one of my moms employees went on worker compensation for a bad back one of the conditions of her coming back was that she had to learn how to set her seat at the right level. With her feet flat on the floor. It’s strange to think how important that one little things is, but if you are short like me i tink you would probably agree on just how annoying and uncomfortable it can be.


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