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I’ve now been to all of my new classes for the semester. As is required for education students and for getting my student loan I am taking five classes. This semester I am taking maths 111 and 122, psychology 102, geography 100 and history 101. After each class I was left with a number of things to think about. Deciding what to write about was on the rather difficult side. The classes themselves were interesting but there was so much in what the professors said and did that made me think the most.

I really found something my Math 111 prof. said especially interesting. She said that learning math is different than learning any other subject. It requires you to build on what you already knew and you can’t let yourself get behind in it. Other subjects you can learn it all at the end of the semester and do alright but for math even one week behind is too much.

I remember other teachers in high school saying much the same thing but for some reason this hit me in a different way this time. I think for me this was the first time that I looked at this as what does that mean for my teaching it instead of what does that mean for my learning it. I also think it is a good reason why it is such an important subject to learn. It is an entirely different way of learning that they need to learn and be able to use.

It really makes sense to me now why it has it’s own learning type (which I’ve discovered recently I have become). I need to think more about what this means completely and I’m sure as I learn more about teaching I’ll figure it out. But it was definately my aha moment of the day.


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