A rather interesting thing hapened here in residence last night. Our power went out for six hours. It was interesting how my roommates and I all responded to the outage.

At first we were all rather distressed it was supper time and none of us had anything that didn’t need to be cooked and sounded apealing. Our brainstorming was rather interesting. It usually went like this: “how about…no that requires (insert piece of technology)”  Needless to say ideas were not quick in presenting themselves.

Then came the problem of how to entertain ourselves, no power meant no lights in our appartment except for the emergency lights from the hall coming through our open door, and since we are not allowed to have candles we had no way of lighting our way to things except with our cell phones or my roomates laptops which were nearly dead. We could have gone to another part of the campus and evenutally we did but what happened before that is what has got me thinking.

We played UNO. Probably about 10 rounds of it. We had been so bored before I pulled out my UNO cards but once we started playing it was amazing how much fun we had. I was the only one with ebough light to see my cards colors and the deck was in complete shadow. We had to use our celllphones to see the deck and the others cards. It made for an intersting game. I can honestly say it was one of the funnest things I have done in a long time. Far more fun than watching tv or playing on the computer.

I think sometimes we need time to take a break from technology. We need to know how to survive without it for cases like last night. I think that is what keeps me from believing the technology only approaching I see some people taking to schooling. If kids only ever expereince technology then how will they function if the power ever goes out. Will they know how to entertain themselves.

My own question I think I have a semi answer to. I keep thinking back to when I was little. Every Christmas I would get tons of awesome presents. I hardly ever played with them instead the wrapping paper and bows held my attention. I see my niece and nephew do the same thing. They have tons of technology (I know for sure that they are both getting brand ne DS’s for Christmas) but they still like playing with the bows and finding new uses for boxes.

We worry about not being able to keep kids attention if we do not use technology, yet often they themselves choose to entertain themselves in other ways. Do we need all technology or will a nice balance (suited to each individual classroom) be better for our students? I think for now the balance is what attracts me. Sometimes it is nice to not be completely attached to technology (though I admit we did have need of our cellphones-I mean it was dark!) Sometimes all you need is good companions and something interesting to keep your attention.


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  1. Glad to see you still writing and reflecting. I agree and modeling balance and controlling the technology rather than the other way around is critical.
    These questions have been around ever since TV became a staple for household entertainment, however, it’s obviously become more prevalent today. Keep up the good work and have a Merry Christmas.

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