So I just saw the twilight movie and I have to say I am in love. i’ve never read the books so please if you leave a comment and haven’t seen the movie no specifics in case something in the book isn’t in the movie. i’ve already asked my roommate if I can borrow the book over Christmas break but I’m not all that sure I can wait until finals are over tp start reading. The movie was amazing and I can tell the book will be even better. I’ve decided on a new tactic of seeing the movie before reading a book. I did that with Eragon and I love both the book and the movie so I decided to try it out for this book too. I hope it works.

But as always my brain has begun to take a different turn. Why don’t we allow kids to read books that interest them in school? I know those of the interent realm would say books don’t even matter so why question it but I think books are better for relaxing and enjoying. Not so much stress as you do a million other things at the same time. But back to my point. I can remember one book I read in grade 7, it was called (I think) the seventh tower. It was such a good book, lots of action and fantasy.  Yet most of the books we read I struggeld through. I can honestly say that I am a pretty strong reader having made it through lord of the rings among other things (where some of the paragrpahs are painfully long) why do we give kids books “classics” all the time and expect them to be interested? Maybe if we gave them more choice in the matter and used newer books that appeal to their generation rather than past generations?


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  1. You’ll love the book even more than the movie. Wait until after finals though or you won’t get any studying done. I think there is heroin in the pages or something. I’ve never read anything so obsessively in my life, and I can really obsess about books, especially fantasy. I’m not the only one either. I’ve heard stories like that from nearly everyone I know who has read it. I suggest you get yourself a Twilight buddy, someone who will call and make sure you’re eating and sleeping and taking any meds you might be on. 🙂

    • hey, thanks for the advice. I have a couple days between my last final and Christmas Day. I consider myself a book aholic no matter what book it is so I’m practiced at it. I’ve been known to read over 1000 page book in a couple of days. Something tells me this will be another one of those.

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