Okay, so I am a Christmas junkie. I can’t help it I love everyting about Christmas. Unlike so many others standing in line for twenty minutes or so doesn’t phase me. If you don’t like it, don’t go shopping. I’m just kidding but I think it is important not to sweat the small stuff during the holidays. My mom refuses to shop in the city during the Christmas rush. Me it doesn’t phase. I love all the people, the music, the lights, the gaudy colors. Today, as I was doing some Christmas shopping in Wal-mart (possible the busiest of all stores at this time of year, I told you I’m a little crazy for Christmas) I noticed a couple fighting over a tree skirt. A tree skirt. i don’t know I just can’t seem to find that stressful part of Christmas. Their fight (as mean as this is) actually amde me laugh a little. See nothing can break my mood.

I did however, manage to hold off on going completely Christmas crazy until December. i managed not to talk about it on my blog or sing Christmas carols out loud (at least when anyone could hear me). I did however, decorate my appartment on the day after Remembrance Day (my old blog post should tell you how much Remembrance Day means to me).  So to share a little of my Christmas cheer I thought I would post some pictures of my gorgeous living room.

The ugly cement pole made pretyish and the candy cane wallour christmas tree and dancing singing santa

our icicled coffee table

our snowflaked window and some of the lights

All the lights and a look out at the campus

My roomates got more decorations for the tree since then, but generally it looks the same. It’s a nice distraction from the stress of finals.



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  1. Well, Amber, I have to say that I love your Christmas spirit. As a fellow Christmas junkie, I love that you decorate the day after Rememberance Day too! Can you believe that it is only 18 more sleeps until the big day?
    Normally I am not too bad about checking out what is under the tree, but there was a cool looking present and I just HAD to peek at who it was for. Stupidest thing I have ever done because it is for me and now I am REALLY curious!
    Oh well, I really like your coffee table and your lights. Well I love everything, but those are my two favourites!

  2. Oh rez life eh haha. I used to clean that building; freaking teenagers I tell yea messy as hell, and don’t really care cause its rez. Anyways you are crazy but it’s good that you like Christmas so much, someone has too, I’m more of a Halloween loving kind of person, and I don’t know why cause I don’t like scary things. Your tree is cute and the lights are nice! Lights are probably my favourite part of all, you can never have too many I say!

    Sara wow you are counting sleeps that’s too cute!

  3. Courtney, you would get along with my roommate if you like halloween. We had bats and orange lights since the first weekend we lived here until the day after halloween. It looked kind of sad in here after that which is part of why I hurried to put up new lights. Not all of us here in rez are messy. Our room is kept nearly spotless because we have a cleanaholic roomate. I will say that the elevators and some of the guys rooms are on the rather disgusting side though.

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