Wrap Up-Social Learning and Mentorship


Alright so this is going to be short, sweet and to the point.

For my mentorship I give myself 5/10. I made a point of stay up to date on 5th Grade Reflections and commented on each child when they posted something new. However, for Rossoscience I ended up not going on there at all. So I give myself 10 and o which averages out to be 5.

As for Social learning I’d have to say for a shy person I did well on this. Outside of class I met with Sara and Nicole on a regular basis as well as another one of my friends to work on math. On top of all this I’ve had so many nteresting discussions with my roommate, a roomates friend in his intern year, and my staff group for EPS about teaching. All had super interesting things to say and while we occasionally disagreed all the conversations were interesting.

As for my online social learning, I left a number of comments on other classmates blogs. I;’m afraid I haven’t gotten up the nerve to comment on any outside my bubble yet but I will soon. I have managed to write posts about others blogs such as my tech task #8. Yes I know but that’s a tech task, however I was going to write on it anyway I had it saved. I don’t think I ever got into a conversation like many of the others did but I have gotten numerous comments from various people and noticed that I got the most when I asked questions. And the responses definately helped me out. so I can’t remember what this is out of but I’d give myself a 75-80%. For now, it will get better in the future. Trust me.


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