Mastercard Video Finally


Alright so after endless hours of fighting with my computer I am finally done. I have to admit despite my frustration there was never a point when I didn’t enjoy this assignment. I ended up doing three videos on the same thing.

The first one is about how my brother, my dad and I have the same grin. My mom says that it’s how you can alwasy tell when we are looking for trouble. So for my brothers grad while walking down to give my mom her rose my brother used that grin on my mom. She started bawling. I couldn’t very well not keep up the tradition could I?


The second video is about finally getting to dance with my dad. My dad isn’t much of a dancer because he is partially paralyzed on his right side so dancing can be difficult. But it was wonderful to get my father daughter dance all the more because I get them so seldom.

The last video is about how my nephew stayed up past 10:30 so that he could dance with me. I’d promised him a danve earlier in the day and I kept my word. He loves transformers hence the comic strip look to his picture.


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