Tech Task #14-Part 3 of 3 or I’m Almost Done!


Okay, so my last choice in presentation is no exactly good for reflecting on but I figured it was something I should actually watch. You see I haven’t really played around on my flickr account yet so I decided to watch “Getting to Know Flickr (Basic)”. The words flickr and basic caught my eye.

It was basically just a summary of how to use some of the tools on flickr. Some of which we ahd talked about in class and some of which I don’t remember talking about. It was nice and basic and step by step. Which I need to learn most things. Now I might actually start using my flickr account.

Like I said I don’t know if I can reflect on what I learned exactly. There were some good ideas about how to use it in the classroom, such as using it as a way for people from around the world to view students work. I don’t remember how much we talked about ways to use it (guess I should go back and watch that class sometime) I mostly just remember being overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of stuff there was. Now that I have revisited flickr (at least the basics to it) I feel ready to experiement on my own, which I know will lead to thinking about incorporating it in my future classroom.


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