Tech Task #14 part 1 of 3


The first K12 video I chose to watch was Monsters Bloom in Our Wiki by Ann Oro and Anna Barait. The video was about how these teachers used a wiki to work cooperatively on a project. The project was to teach students about adjectives. The students had to draw the picture of a monster another student from another school described in a word document. The monsters were then compared to show the importance of adjectives.

They were very descriptive of how exaclty they went about this project. The took it step by step and explained the relevance of each step. I found the presentation very interesting and the visuals a good way to understand what they were talking about.

So, what did I learn. I learned more about how a wiki can be used as well as different wikis that you can use. Mostly, it made me think about how technology can be used with traditional ways of teaching. I have a faint memory of doing a project like this. However, I can see how being able to work with a class from another school/place could add to a project. It creates an entirely new way of doing group work while still allowing students to work independantly. Also, I could see how the teachers would need to communicate well and be very organized. However, being able to work togethor would be well worth it. I’m not sure what kind of project i could do but it definately made me think about doing a collaborative project online.


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