Tech Task #18


So, I decided that I should probably get one more post done before I go to bed. Tech Task #18 is all about what we want our classroom of the future to look like. Quite frankly I don’t know yet, I still need time to think about it, three years ought to be enough.There are however several general things that I want for my future classroom.

First I really want to teach in a rural school, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against city schools but it feels like lately everyone has something against schools of less than 200 kids K-12. I quite frankly enjoy being in these schools and find they have a more personal feel than the larger schools I was in.

Second, I want posters. Yes, I know some people find them lame but I always enjoyed when a teacher had a particullarily neat poster (such as one particular garfield poster a teacher had, though I don’t remember what it said now) Certain posters can be a motivator (like afunny card) when you are having a bad day. Plus they help get rid of the starkness of many classrooms. I would also like to have artwork by my students on the walls (yes, I know what’s the point if only you see them, we’ll post them to a blog first) I’m definately not an art teacher but when I think back to the artwork friends of mine did and how happy the pictures made all of us I know that they would help make the room more personal and happy.

Thirdly, I want flexible desks. As in the desks where you have a table and a chair separate. The tables are nice and big so students have room for whatever they need. They can be set up into group,s pairs, or individually. This would make group work easy for interpersonal learners, but allow distance at times to allow intrapersonal learners to thrive.

Fourth, ideally every student would have a labtop. This would allow students to keep a blog, take notes if they wish, etc. (yes I know vague, but I still haven’t decided exactly which technology I want to use-I do have three more years, also it would depend on the class and their needs)

Fifth and finally for tonight, I want a smart board, after only one night of playing around with one I am hooked. Really a built in calculator and protractor, what else does a math geek need?

That’s all I really know for sure right now, but I’m sure as I learn more and gain experience through my pre-internship and internship I’ll add to the list.


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  1. I like your plans. I know how you feel about thinking about your future class already because I feel the same way. I also think that the smartboard would be awesome to have in a class!

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