Tech Task #17 Part 1


As I said before I really liked this assigment. I have already listened to a couple of podcasts, but I don’t remember things I hear very well so in order to relate what I learn to others I have to listen to the same thing mulitple times and write it down at least one of those times. Needless to say, I picked a very short podcast to begin with. In fact, it is only five minutes long. But I listened to it three times, and the second time i paused continually to write points down. So it ended up taking me about 20 minutes in the end.

I watched the Beaver Podcast entitled “We Remember” (I still don’t know how to deal with titles of things on the interent and it is very annoying to my perfectionist side) which was an interview of TIm Cook by Nell Ostrom. Tim Cook had written an essay in the magazine about the lives of first world war soldier’s in the trenches.

I love anything to do with history so for me this was very interesting. The podcast was not about his artice, but rather seemed to focus on why he thought it was important to remember the first world war. The reasons he gave were very interesting and definately relevant reasons. Some of these were that it was that we lost 60,000 people in this war which would be about 250,000 men today. This really hit me, we have had only around 100 men die in afghanistan and that is hard enough. He also talked about how it both brought people togethor (patriotic movement) and tore people apart (enemy aliens). The reason that seemed the most important to me was that Canadians have decided that it is important to us. Really what more reason do we need than that. We have decided as a country that this time period is important to us and to our identity.

One thing he said that I felt was not relevant to what he was talking about is that Canadians consider themselves to be peacekeepers and that this is an important myth. This irked me a little bit as I felt it really was not important to anything about the First World War. It seemed just thrown in with the point before and talking about how we have a rich history.

He then continued on about how the Canadian soldier’s seemed to surprise many of the other countries with how well our citizen soldier’s fought and how many battles we won. He also said that this made the world aware of Canada in a way it hadn’t been before and proved that we could come togethor in times of crisis.

I was surprised by how much I could get out of a five minute interview. While nothing was decribed in detail it left me with things to research on my own more in depth, such as the conscrition crisis and different types of troops we sent over. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast as it let me see where the author of the article was coming from. He seemed to be very passionate about the World War and his passion was very catching. I checked out some of their other podcasts and they were all very interesting. some of them are nothing more than songs from the war, but to a history fanatic like me they are wonderful. You can tell they are from old records which is a sound I absolutely love.


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