All right I admit it I am a procrastinator. Like right now I should be proofing my English essay or doing one of my many ECMP assignments. I just don’t want to. That leads me to the question I am thinking about. Why do I procrastinate? I really don’t know, mostly I procrastinate because I am not interested in an assignment (like English) I almost never put off assignments I find genuinely interesting (such as math). But sometimes I put off even these (like ECMP) Is it because I think I have the time? Not really seeing as there are only a few weeks left to finish these assignments, though I am less likely to do an assignmnet right away if I know I have lots of time.

I really don’t know what makes me put these assignments off. Maybe it’s just that I’ve never had a bad consequence from my procrastinating. Anyways I better stop procrastinating, thanks for listening to my rambling and if you have any advice…TELL ME. I could use it. I haven’t had a bad consequence yet but I will. I just know it.


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