Paper vs. typing

What makes me still want to write on pieces of paper like this?

What makes me still want to write on pieces of paper like this?

I have been thinking and reading a lot about going paperless. I am not sure whether I could go completely paperless. I mean I love the thought of it, but I wonder how much I personally would retain from only ever typing my notes. For instance, a few nights ago I was getting ready to start writing my reading response for Education Professional Studies. I could have gone directly to the computer and typed my notes as I had done once before, but I chose instead to grab my old, it’s been used 100’s of times piece of paper. Why did I do this? Well when you look at this picture you see much more than just words, you see doodles in the margin and arrows pointing in different directions. Basically you see a mess. But this mess worls for me it lets me get my ideas out and to doodle when I can’t think of anything. As I doodle thoughts magically appear in my head. As well the act of physically writing things out helps me remember them, as in actually making the shape of a letter not just seeing it appear.

Even during ECMP class I always have a piece of paper near me. Somewhere to make lines and write down key words to help me keep my focus and not go to lala land. I think I inherited this trait from my mom who never makes it through a phone conversation without doodling somewhere.

My question is, if we do go completely to computer based learning will kids who need to doodle be at a disadvantage? i don’t really know, maybe since they won’t know what doodling is they won’t need it. I guess only time will tell.


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