Random Thoughts About Moving and Time


I was going to post something intelligent about how our brains work, but facebook has my brain going a different way. You see I have lived in a total of six different towns the first move being when I was seven. That means I’ve met a lot of people in my life. Most of them I haven’t kept in contact with but since I joined facebook about 3 months ago I have had a number of friend requests. Most of these requests have come from people I barely remember. Sometimes I’ll almost hit ignore before realizing that I do infact  know that person, only the last time I saw them was ten or so years ago. After ten years it is hard to recognize most of these people. It definitely is interesting to see where they have been and what they have done with their lives. Even kids I knew in grade 10 are almost unrecognizable, hard to believe how much us kids change in 3 years. As for those kids I went to kindergarten with, I have no hope of recognizing them, although for some reason I do remember their names the clearest. Just thought it was interesting how facebook really does help people reconnect.


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