Wow I really am a Math Geek (so is Sara)


As Sara and I have been sitting in our math lab we have been noticing that the students seem to leave on a regular basis. We usually call it the bomb threat. Once one person leaves five or ten people leave. Being the math geeks we are we decided to chart hoe many people left at certain times. To do this I created a simple graph with five minute intervals of time. As people left I made a tick mark beside the time period. Unfortunately there weren’t very many people there today (only 26) so the numbers weren’t as large and maybe as accurate as they would have been another day, but here they are.


It’s a good thing that I am a multitasker, it let me do this at the same time as I listened to what Jocelyn was saying. I find it interesting that so many people leave class early. I mean you are paying to be there. I guess I just can’t let any of my money go to waste and so I just can’t find the nerve to skip a class. Besides it never hurts to see something a number of times when it comes to math. My main motivation for doing this though was simply the numbers. It’s interesting to see how certain time periods have more people leaving than others. It seems to be the norm, guess I’ll just have to try it again and see if I get similar results.


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