Learning about Reading


This weekend I went home to my parents house. My niece and nephew were staying with them for the weekend. My niece and nephew are growing up super fast and that was more than evident this weekend. My nephew is six and reads better than I remember being able to at that age(And I’m considered a good reader). My nephew is also a pretty major gamer. Normally I would view this only in a negative light but after this weekend I’m willing to look at it in a different way.

You see as my nephew was playing on his Nintendo DS he was reading out loud (that’s the only way he can read so far) everything that came across the screen. Now maybe he wasn’t reading a book but he was reading, and some of the words were actually pretty tough so I was rather impressed. A place where he needs no motivation from me or anyone else to read, how perfect.

Now I don’t know if his love of reading is coming from school or from the hopes of doing better in the game but the skills are definatley transferrable. He was reading Where the Sidewalk Ends to his sister for a bedtime story that night and understanding what he was reading (he laughed at all the right parts). I looked it up and the book is recommended for 10-12 year olds. Wow.Now I wouldn’t give him his DS and just say go learn to read and let him play all day but it definately makes it not so bad to give it to him for an hour everyonce in a while.


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