Where’s all the Links?


Wow, what a way to notice how much I’ve come to expect certain things from the internet. Here I am sitting listening to my online class (yes, as I write this). As the class has gone by several webpages have been mentioned. Good thing right? Of course. One problem though: no links. Okay so maybe some had links but some didn’t. I had to type them in and look at them. Once upon a time this never would have bothered me. As for now, both times I

1) tried clicking several times (no it didn’t click in that it wasn’t a link)

2) when I realized that it wasn’t a link I said some not so nice words.

I’d come to expect that everything mentioned in class would have a link that not having the links really bothered me. Huh. Guess my expectations really are changing.


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  1. Interesting observation. I am an ECMP 355 alum. You are correct that anything referenced in this class has a direct link or a link of related interest. There are times when links aren’t shared in the chat because Dean is occupied with other aspects of the course. Here is my advice, try googling as you sit & listen. Open any links in new tabs so you can come back & check them out. If you find the desired site, be sure to share the link in the chat because you probably have classmates looking for background as well.

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