Tech Task #?


Alright, so I know I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. I’ve been pretty sick and of course I left unimaginable amounts of homework for the past two weeks. I’m feeling better now(still a little stuffed up) and have finished the worst of my hmework load. I figured I’d better get on top of all my ECMP assignments. I’m not sure which tech task but here it is:

So we were asked to find three blogs on our own and subscribe to them. The first two were easy because I knew about them before I started to take this class, but had never really taken the time to read them.

The first one is Paper Moon Photography. This is the woman who di my grad pictures(one of which is the pic on my about me page). I absolutely love her work. It makes me happy just looking at it. Plus every once in a while she puts quotes up which are absolutely wonderful and one of my favorite things in this world. I really like the way she takes pictures, using different angles, light, etc. They are all really neat and inspiring for anyone who loves photography like me.

The second is a the site of an online friend of my mom’s. This is Ashley’s Creative Corner. Her and my mom used to/do belong to the same online group of cardmakers. My mom has passed a love of cardmaking on to me. Ashley does amazing work. Wonderful inspiration for the not so creative(like me) who still love making things like cards on their own.

The last I wasn’t so sure about. We’ll see if I stay subscribed or not. I started by looking for blogs tagged with books. I found nothing that interested me. Then I looked at education but I really want things that are just for me, I learn enough about education already and I really want a few things that are a break for me, maybe in a little while when I feel more in the mood for deep reading and thinking I will continue on that path. Then I got smart. What do I really love? Saskatchewan. I love living here and I especially love reading about small towns and places I don’t know about. So hence:

Bazaar of Dreams. I haven’t completely looked all over it, but the pictures of Saskatchewan places. Really you already know I love photography, how could I resist this. There are tons of pictures of places all over the place. Saskatchewan, Canada, India, Europe, Etc. You can look for yourself. Like I said I haven’t gotten through much of it yet, but so far I like what I see, and more pictures to destress me are always a good thing.


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