Tech Task #5


Wow, look at me go. So I just checked out the google educational tools. Many of these we had talked about already or elso someone in my class had already blogged about. Now, I love to read. I don’t care what it is, I just love the feel of a good book. So naturally I checked out Google Book Search. I love this. I’ve only been playing around on it for about 2o minutes but already I love it.

It has so much potential for classroom use. For example, me being a math major books tend to be bland and not so interesting. Now instead of taking a trip to a bookstore and probably finding nothing useful I can check out books while doing other things on the internet(also known as multitasking). Then I can go to the bookstore or Library with a few books already in my mind.

It can also be used to quickly preread optional books in the curriculum. Though you may not find them all(I searched for a few that I had in my room) it would still let you see a few of them before presenting them to your students. Again, easy multitasking, just check them out while surfing the web for halloween costumes, etc. Well that’s my spiel. Go check it out.


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