My Thanksgiving Weekend


If there is one holiday I love more than any (except Christmas, of course) it would have to be thanksgiving. This might have something to do with my birthday always landing just before thanksgiving day. Just imagine always seeing your family at your birthday, grandmas, grandpas your favorite aunt and uncle. I’ve always loved it. And this weekend was really no big difference than any other weekend. Except maybe for the fact that 1) I am living on my own now 2) I am now 18.

Seeing as I am living on my own I had to find my way to my grandmas house all on my own. This shouldn’t have been a big deal because my grandma has lived in the same house all of my life. However, this just isn’t the case with me. You see while I inherrited my fathers farmer knack for telling the weather I did not inherit his sense of direction. So after a call to my mother and a quick look at google maps I set out on my way. Apparently, I should have printed off my google map and listened more carefully to my mother. You see I took one turn to early and did not realize this until I hit Rouleau Saskatchewan. Unfortunately I was in to much of a hurry to take my picture at Dog River but I’ve decided next time I go to see my grandma I am going to take the detour.

I arrived just in time to go with my grandma out to the field to have supper. Unfortunately the men were in a field just a little ways from the house and they had finished the field before we got there so we had to eat inside. Eating in the field has been a favorite thing of mine since I was little. I just love being in the middle of no where, there’s nothing like it. The good thing about eating in my aunt and uncles house is I got to see all the farm cats(who are super friendly) and made a point to pet all of them(I think we’re down to 5, we were closer to 15 once upon a time) .

The next day(Satrurday) we went out for supper and had chinese food in Weyburn.  For the first time ever I had sweet and sou chicken balls that were more chicken than dough. Then home to eat my beautiful DQ cake which is covered in pictures of cardmaking supplies(my favorite hobby) and pink icing (my favorite color)

The next day the snow started coming down it was super beautiful and I couldn’t help but take a few pictures out the window(I couldn’t go outside because I only had a light sweater with me) I love the snow and was excited to see it. At the same time I was not very happy to see it because my family is not done harvest. oh well it will probably keep melting and then we’ll get harvest done.Here are the pics of the snow coming down.

All in all thanksgiving is just a great holiday for me. I get cake, presents, turkey, ham, etc. Plus this year it was gorgeous on the day of my birthday then snowed the next day. What more could a person want? Oh, plus my car got fixed so I won’t have to put oil in it in order to go anywhere. Really was the perfect weekend. (Now if the snow would hurry up and melt for about 2 weeks so we could finish harvest then snow like crazy and not melt till spring)


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  1. Well, it sounds like you had a very adventurous birthday! Happy belated birthday, too. What kind of farm do you have/where is it? I’ve always wanted a farm, so I guess you’ll be my go-to-girl for anything farm related.

  2. Sara, I’m going to blog all about the farm as soon as I can get down there and get the picture I want. Just watch for the blog post. Should have it by November.

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