My first Field Experience


Here at the University of Regina, students in Educational Professional Studies 100( a first year class) have to complete a field experience in an elementary classroom. I completed my first of seven field expereinces this past Tuesday. I had the honor of going with someone in my EPS staff group to a prekindergarten class in a local school. This was a real expereince for me as I have never been in either a preK classroom (most PreK classes are held outside of the school in rural Saskatchewan towns) as well as being my first time in a city school.

I started out the day by by meeting the teacher which that day was a substitute that day. We went over the plan for the day and a little while later the students arrived. The day started by going through theĀ morning routine of filling in the date, etc. We then talked about thanksgiving and sang the turkey song which I actually remember from Kindergarten. We then had station time, in which each student was able to play at a certain station in the room, only so many kids in each station. Then a quick trip to the bathroom and snack time. Followed by a quick presentation on bus safety, then before it felt like my day had even started it was time for hometime and me to leave.

I had a wonderful day, though I don’t plan on all of a sudden changing my major to elementary. It was definately a positive expereince and I look forward to the next six tuesdays with the class.


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