My learning Style(Tech Task #7)


Hey, sorry I haven’t written in so long I’m still getting used to having this here to write on. So how do I learn? That’s probably the second most complicated question anyone can ask me(the first being where are you from?) According to all the tests I have taken in school I’m rather off the charts linguistic and oranized. However, I have a terrible time getting my words onto paper and my room is always a mess.(But i can’t do anything if I don’t have it planned to a t. If someone invites me to go out today I’d end up in a panic because I’m not prepared for it) The linguistic fits though in some ways because I’ve never had a teacher criticize my writing once it is finally on paper and I can read close to a 1000 page book in a day and completely understand all the little things in it.

One place where I am also very strong is logical learning. Hence the reason I am a math major. This is a good example of how I learn most things. I like to have someone explain a concept as they show the process of completing an equation. Then I like them to leave me completly alone. if I’m stuck, leave me alone, if I’m doing fine, leave me alone. if i really need help then i will ask but generally having a teacher standing over my shoulder just makes me angry and tends to make me do worse. I do however, like to help those around me when they are stuck. For me if I teach something I retain it ten times longer and I understand it better.

What do I like to learn about? I really like to learn about pretty much anything but I’d have to say that my favorite thing to learn about is history. I particularily like the world wars and pioneer times. I also like learning new scrapbooking/cardmaking techniques and am hoping to learn needlepoint in the near future. Abou the only thing I have  zero interest in is biology. I haven’t liked it since i was little and i’ve never really known why.

My learning networks very depending on what I’m learning about. For instance my math network included my professor, teacher’s I’ve had in the past, and a number of other students in my class, and i suppose different internet sites when I’m trying to get something on an assignment I left until the last minute and am unsure of the theory. My scrapbooking network contains mostly people of the older generation such as my mother, her blogging friends, splitcoaststampers, lady’s in several of the town’s I have lived and so on.

I find all types of learning different. The people I’m around, what i’m learning and how I’m learning all impact what I think of learning at that particular moment. overall I love to learn anytime and anyplace but there are some people who can make the expereince miserable(i’ve had several teachers like this) but you just have to look beyond the people at all the amazing things they present to you.


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