Tech task #4


I decided to check out Teachertube( off the Wiki list. It is a lot like youtube only directed at teachers instead of the entire world. I found it to be an extremely interesting site and is definately something I will use in the future. Some of the videos are slow to play and come out choppy but generally if you’re high speed is working right(mine wasn’t for a while) then the videos ae good. You can find information for nearly any subject you are teaching and some inspirational/educational videos for teachers. It is very user friendly; just type in your search and then click the video you want to watch. It also creates a place to show off student videos and projects. Allowing students to share with more than one person while in the school environment.

There is one flaw though, I found it very difficult to find any canadian content, it was mostly American and there is a lot of their history stuff. But i’m sure as more canadain teachers discover this website it will become better.


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  1. Teachertube was developed to address the number of schools where youtube was blocked. The fact that the videos do not play well, reflects the size of servers and bandwidth. They’ll never be able to compete with youtube but it is nice to have content housed in one place as well as a solution for schools where youtube is blocked.

  2. Wow! That is a great idea! I know in my calculus class my teacher referred us to watch some videos from “Midnight Tutor” while studying for our AP exam. This would be a way better place because it probably has some form of content control so that not just any fool could post a video on it (it would probably be very accurate). As for the Canadian problem – what’s new? I guess all we can do is raise awareness. It may not be perfect, but we can work on it!
    Good find! I’ll be sure to take a look at it!!

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