Tech task #2


Alright, so I have already given some answers to these questions but I figured I better answer them completely.

My personal experience with technlogy has been fairly limited, though I have had a good deal of experience with online classes. Compared to the kids in the one school I went to I had practically no experience(they received many Artsmart scholarships and so did much with movie making technology) and compared to another school I had more due to the fact that close to 1/4 of my classes were online. Generally I find technology helpful for doing research and creating presentations, as well as offering distance learning courses. However, often I find technology frustrating when programs don’t work properly or I have to wade through a pile of information to find what I’m looking for. I also find it very distracting, as it makes it easier for an already bored mind to ignore the tasks at hand, which may be very important, and do something else for hours on end.

I think that technology can be very useful in schools as it allows students to connect with the world and to discover new information that isn’t in the local library or the teachers don’t know. It also makes for great teaching resources as teachers can share their ideas on how to teach a certain subject or idea to a class. Another advantage is for children who have difficulty writing legibly as they can make their point without frustrating their reader. It is also a great resource for Rural schools where there is often not enough teachers or resources to offer all the classes that a student may want in which case the student can take an online or scn course which are often much easier than the traditional print format of these courses.  Right now I think things like Youtube and facebook are having a negative impact as they are not being used properly to harness their teaching possibilities. Instead students are using them to entertain themselves and ignore their teachers and their school work and to gossip. 

As for what I want to learn from this course; I want to learn how to embrace the technology that is all around us and learn how to use it in the classroom and for general use. I want t learn how to create balance with technology in the classroom.


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  1. Did you like doing a bunch of online classes? I have never had an online class and i get mixed opinions on what people think of them, lots of people think they are really awesome because you can take classes on your own time and classes that aren’t offered at their school and others find they aren’t very helpful and really super difficult! Ah! you are so right with youtube and such being used improperly in classes, most kids just sit there and look up the stupidest thinks… like fights… because thats a positive type of video to watch… haha

  2. I think that it depends on the student. I really liked some of these courses but others I didn’t. I am a very independant learner so these were good classes for me. However, if you get a teacher who isn’t very helpful or generally a good teacher then it is not a good expereince. Pretty much the same as any other class. Some people find them good, some people find them bad.

  3. makes sense! haha was it weird not having any like, classmates? or did you have classmates haha did you have someone you could compare with, like at your school taking the same online class/

  4. I didn’t have any classmates for my online classes. At first it was a little weird not having anyone to discuss things with except the teacher. Even that was weird as it was all online. I only ever talked to one of my teachers on the phone once, but by then I was so used to talking to her online that I found hearing her weird. For my SCN(televised) classes I started out taking the class with a friend but then she quit. I definately recommend SCN before I recommend online though because with SCN you are in more of a real class environment, it’s just coming over a tv and there are usually student’s attending the class in real life. You can call in and ask questions or even do spoken group progects over the phone with other students. Online is difficult for a lot of students to stay on top of becasue no one is telling them they have to do the homework(I ran into this problem).

  5. Oh ya that would be so weird talking to a teacher on the phone you have never met! imagine teacher that! ah! haha ooooh i have a friend who is taking an online class and they sound really interesting! thats such a different way to learn!

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