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Hi! so basically I’m writing this for my Education Computers class. We’ll see how it goes because I’m not very good at sharing my thoughts or at remembering to check anything that is on my computer.

So far my computer class seems super interesting and it has made me think a lot about using technology in the classroom. This is both something I approve and disaprove of. I think it is a great way to find and share information. For example, information can be presented that even the teacher in her limited knowledge may not know. Another great thing about the computer in the classroom are TSL classes. For those of you who don’t know TSL is short for Technology Supported Learning. Here in Saskatchewan this is mainly run through a program called blackboard. It is a great way to learn and is usually more organized than normal classrooms. Unfortunately when I last checked TSL was going to be shut down at the end of this year. Another great way that technology is used in classrooms is SCN. It is classes that can be watched live over the television and you can call in and talk to the teacher over the phone. They are more like a real classroom and allow for better communication with the teacher. The classes are then recorded and put up on blackboard to be seen at a later date if you missed a class or need a refresher. These are both ways that I see technology being highly beneficial to classrooms and best of all they allow for small Saskatchewan schools(less than 200 kids) to offer more classes than they would be able to otherwise. I would love to see a program like we will be using used in schools for a purpose like this.

However, I also think that students also abuse their time on the computers. Take for example my grade 12 canadian studies class. We had a major assignment in this class that we had all year to complete this assignment but whenever our class was given time to research on the internet they checked their email and played games, then wondered why they were rushing when the due date came around. This wasn’t the first time I had seen this happen, showing that perhaps we need to become more responsible and teach youth how and when to use computers for certain things.

Recently I was studying with a couple of friends, and one of my friends pulledout a laptop. At first I didn’t really care(to each their own) but then when she started typing I found that it was extremely difficult to keep my focus being someone who needs complete quiet to work. I immediately thought of our ECMP class and the debate over whether technology should be used more in schools. I realized that if were a student working in class and somebody was typing away while I was trying to work I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. This could cause real problems in a classroom, another problem that would need to be solved before computers can become widely used in the classroom.



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  1. You have raised some very interesting points about technology! Awesome examples. As for computers being abused I totally agreed. In my classroom at school a few of my friends decided to go on msn and talk about drugs or some stuff and prinicipal found out and it was a big commotion leading to us not being able to go on msn or any of those chat places. So, I also agree that we have to be more cautious as teachers to what our students are going into…

  2. You make a very strong point about the abuse during research time – I’ve seen the same thing happen practically every time my classes were ever in the computer labs, even in my computer science course. For example, for our final project in computer science, we were placed in groups of four and asked to write some code. With only two hours, it was a big job, but with only two members actually working on the project (the other two were watching youtube and playing games) it was too much to be finished!
    The school claims that they have a “one strike” policy for booting people off of the computers and restricting accounts, but I have seen very few teachers follow through. Perhaps if the rules were stricker, the computers wouldn’t be abused.
    Also, great point about the typing! I completely agree that someone pecking away at a keyboard is rather distracting. I know schools haven’t been able to incorporate touch screens, but I think these would be a lot quieter, and perhaps easier to use, especially in K – 5 when students have lesser typing skills and really only need a few programs (i.e. they aren’t doing research on the internet or anything to that degree).

  3. Let me push back a bit.

    We seem to think of technology as a privilege. i.e. removing students when abusing it. Do we do the same thing when someone writes a nasty note? Do we take away their writing utensils and paper?

    Also as far as time wasting, kids waste time with or without them. I think there’s a bigger issue and that is class management and engagement. The solutions aren’t always obvious but I think it’s important we treat the problem not the symptoms.

  4. Dean, I get what your saying and some of it was what I was trying to say. We need to find ways to make the technology work in the classroom in ways that kids won’t be fooling around and wasting their time. As for kids abusing their right to use computers I would say that many kids abuse their textbooks and their desks; when this happens they are punished because while they have a right to all of these things they also have a responsilbility to use them properly. My point being that we need to come up with betters ways to keep students on track and using the technology around them in an appropriate manner. (not using facebook when they should be working on a group project)

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