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EPS 200 Project


We have an interesting project in our EPS class this year. We have to do a presentation on a way to incorporate technology in the classroom. We’ve decided to do a debate in an english class using blogs. I’m excited to see how it will all work out. I’ve been given the job of setting the blog up and I’m not 100% sure how i want to do this. I want to keep what we present very honest but  I also don’t want to spend hours setting it up. I’m thinking I’m going to create a blog for the teacher and then a blog for each of our two groups then put links to each of their blogs but I’m worried that might take me forever and be a lot of work, especially since some of our group members don’t have expereince with this program. Guess i’ll just have to try and see how it goes it’ll be good expereince for how to do such a project with my own class.

Is it always the teachers fault?


So my professor today said something that really bothered me. He was blabbering on about why some of us did badly on our essays (yes I do feel the word blabber is appropriate in referring to him) and one of the main reasons was that students did not cite properly. Now I get that this is important to do (painfully boring but important) and that at a University level students should be able to grasp this comment. That part wasn’t what bothered me, it was more along the lines of this (and it’s not an exact quote)

I don’t blame any of you I blame your teachers for never teaching you this. In fact if I wrote the P word on your paper you hsould go back to your high school English teacher and yell at them for not teaching you properly. And if you are too scared to give me their name and I will because I’m getting awfully sick of students not being able to cite properly.

Now, yes I agree some teachers need to do a better job of teaching this concept. However, I had teachers who taught this over and over and over until I was ready to scream but the kids in my classes still wouldn’t do it. I think that it is very likely that at least some of these kids were just too lazy to bother with proper citations and thought it wouldn’t be a big deal.

And for those who didn’t know/remember how to cite, this is University and as a student at this level I think it is your own responsibility to read the instructions for the assignment, notice that you need to cite properly and find a guide to follow or ask for help at the writing centre. On top of that everyone has to take English 100 in their first semester and you would have to have cited at some point in that class and been taught how to if you did not do so properly.

Now I get that some of these students probably did have pretty awful English teachers in high school and may not have learned citation but that doesn’t make their inability completely the teachers fault. Most University students are legal adults and should be capable of finding ways to learn the necessary skills. I think what my professor said was totally inappropriate and insulting to me, my fellow students and teachers everywhere.

Random thoughts


As the school year comes to an end I am swamped with so many things going on in my brain it’s unbelievable. Just one year ago I was a high school student getting ready for grad and preparing for my first year on my own. Now here I am nearly done my first year of student, once again in that weird transition stage waiting for my life to begin. Not that I don’t have a good life but there is something frustrating about just getting ready to start you chosen career rather than actually starting it. The program here at the U or R helps a bit with that as we do start pre-internships right in the first year, but just sitting back and observing is not that fun, especially when you’ve already taught a class before.

And beyond the end of year blues, I have so much to do before summer begins: finding a summer job, finishing up term papers and starting to study finals. Soon I’ll have to reapply for my student loan and a variety of scholarships.

The worst part has to be the summer job though, I still don’t know if I should stay in the city when almost everyone I know will be gone or if I should go home where rent will be free. Then there’s what kind of job I want, ideally I’d work at a daycare, but my first aid has expired without my realizing it so that’s out of the question unless I can get it first. So I guess I’m going retail but with the economy it is most places probably aren’t hiring right now, at least not students. Guess I’ll just have to apply everywhere and cross my fingers that someone wants to hire me.

“Man, I Miss Interesting”


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I decided that I better get writing. I’m in the middle of midterms and my term papers for this semester are about to be due. All the stress has me thinking back to a conversation I had with a friend a while ago. She was working on a progect for English (she’s still in highshool) and wanted my input. They were supposed to read a story and then write an interview with the main character. Somewhere in the conversation I said

Man I miss getting interesting assignmnets

She laughed at me and said it was alright. I was taught by the same teacher for a while and she was telling the truth with that teacher this wasn’t all that unusual, those assignments were always pretty good. But it made me think about how important having interesting assignments is. I put about as much work into my term papers as I did some of the assignments that I did in high school. The term papers are more important but those assignments were just so much more fun to do.

Now I don’t think every assignment we got in high school was amazingly creative but at least they were all a little bit different and allowed for some creativity instead of write in x format and have z sources and if you have 3 sentence errors you will fail. It gets a little monotonous and I only have to write 2 of them this semester.

It definately makes me think that when I teach I’l be trying to break the monotony instead of using xyz assignments all the time (hey a few of those never hurt anyone)

The Wonders of Being Short in a Tall Society


Alright, so I am more than happy to admit that I am short. No I do not prefer the word petite, I Am Short. Saying petite is like trying to make it sound like something fancy, it’s a fact of life it doesn’t need to be fancy. I am more than happy with my height now that I have beat my grandmothers 4″ 11″ height (in fact I am 5″ 1″).

Why do I like being short? There are lots of reasons. For one, I almost never hit my head on things (this most often would require to either fall onto something or hit it with my entire body). Also, I can wear heels pretty much whenever I want, few guys are shorter than me even with 3″ heels on (4 might be stretching it though). I’ve also discovered that people are very uncomfortable having to look down at people. I’ve learned to use that one to my advantage, the closer you get the more they have to look down, I garantee they will step back.

Of course being short comes with its disadvantages like being tall does (my brother is 6″5″ I can’t even count anymore how often he’s hit his head on a door frame). Most kitchens I can’t reach the top one or two cupboards, shelves in closets, the top of a chalkboard, etc. Most of this I can compensate for, I have become rather amazing at walking on kitchen counters and getting down glassware (kitchen sinks are a pain while doing this). I love my brothers house because there are stools everywhere for the kids to be able to reach things, I definately use these.

There is one thing I have never been able to compensate for though: My feet hardly ever touch the ground while sitting in a chair.

dangling feet by singleframe.

This irritates me more than probably anything else I know of. In high school the desks we had made it possible for me to put my feet up and avoid the dangling feet syndrom but most of the auditoriums here at the University of Regina are just free standing seats. The padded theatre seats are fine, but the hard plastic seats after about twenty minutes start cutting off circulation to below my knees. This makes focusing extremely difficult.

It made me think about how important things like that are in a classroom. The 3/4 teacher I worked with in my grade 12 year had measured all her chairs to fit each individual student. How nice that would have been. sigh. Definately it is important to learning/working. I can remember being at a job interview and the seat I was sitting in was way too high for me. I was so uncomfortable that I had a hard time focusing on the questions. I know that when one of my moms employees went on worker compensation for a bad back one of the conditions of her coming back was that she had to learn how to set her seat at the right level. With her feet flat on the floor. It’s strange to think how important that one little things is, but if you are short like me i tink you would probably agree on just how annoying and uncomfortable it can be.

Chocolate Cheese Cupcakes


So, I promised everyone in ECMP this recipe a long time ago. I just got the right recipe for it off my mom over Christmas and just now find time to get it on here. When I made them I used a recipe off the internet but I couldn’t find one identical to this so I made it up a little bit as I went along based on what I did find. This is the right version and identical to what I used (I must have a better memory than I thought.)

SO without further ado:

Chocolate Cheese Cupcakes:                

1 1/2 c. flour                                     1c.sugar                                    

  1/4 c. cocoa                                    1 tsp. baking soda

1/4 tsp. salt                                       1 c. water

5 tbsp. salad oil (vege. oil)         1 tbsp. vinegar

1 tsp. vanilla

Chocolate Chip Filling:

1- 8oz. pkg cream cheese

1/3 c. sugar                                1-6oz. pkg. chocolate chips

1 egg

Beat cream cheese sugar and egg togetho. Stir chocolate chips in to make the filling. Set aside.

In a large bowl, stir togethor flour, sugar, cocoa, soda and salt. In a second, smaller, bowl beat togethor the water, oil, vinegar and vanilla, Gradually add liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients, beating until smooth. Fill 18 paper lined cupcake tins until 1/2 full of batter. Top each with 1 tbsp. of the filling. Sprinkle the tops with finely choped nuts if desired. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes until top springs back when pressed.